The Open Cannabis Project (OCP) is a community-led, research-driven non-profit with a simple mission: to defend the richness and diversity of cannabis from overreaching patents.

Decades of careful stewardship and breeding have made cannabis into one of the most varied, interesting and powerful plants in the world. The growing wave of legalization – and the intellectual property competition that comes with it – may have the unintended consequence of narrowing and restricting this diversity.

OCP is building a transparent and open source repository of cannabis data that will one day grow into an archival record of all existing cannabis varieties. This helps to ensure that they remain available to all, unrestricted by commercialization or patenting, free for anyone to grow and sell.

Our Values

Openness & Transparency.

We believe transparent and unrestricted sharing of information is key to protecting cannabis biodiversity. It is our duty to create an open dialogue and to oppose any approach that stifles collaboration or harms biodiversity.


We believe a culturally and economically diverse cannabis industry is crucial to ensuring that we unlock the full potential of this unique plant. Humans are NOT a monoculture, and neither is cannabis.


The courage and relentless curiosity of a unique group of people has helped shape our relationship with cannabis today, and we will fight for a legal framework that encourages this spirit of innovation.

Evidence-based practices.

It is necessary to take an informed, scientific approach to studying as many cannabis varieties as possible. We advocate for this approach among scientists, breeders, farmers, patients, and medical professionals.