What kind of data are you looking for?

We are looking for all kinds of cannabis data, specifically:

• Genetic data
• Chemotype data

In some ways, the older the data, the better: we’re hoping to invalidate patents that were applied for years ago.

If you know of a place that has any of this data published publicly, please let us know so we can add it to our list of external resources.

If you have lab results for your chemotype data (THC, CBD, and Terpene Levels), please hold onto them! We’re building a database for you to add your results to. Hold please!

If you’re a lab who’s interested in publishing your data, we definitely want to talk to you too!

Can my data be used to grow or patent my plants?

No. You can’t grow a plant from data. You also can’t use data alone to patent a plant: the USPTO requires that you actually possess the plant itself in order to patent it.

However, data about a plant can be used to stop others from patenting it. If there’s public data proving it exists, then the plant is “prior art” and cannot be patented.

Can I just submit my plant sample to OCP?

No. We’re a data repository, not a lab. Please send your plant sample to your favorite trusted lab.

Then, please hold on to your lab results! We’re working on a database for you to add it to.

Also, questions that begin with “Can you just” or similar are not allowed.